Buying a Home in Colorado Springs

What area of Colorado Springs would you like to be in? Being local to Colorado Springs for almost 20 years as an expert and resident, we are happy to discuss with you what makes each neighborhood special, if it will fit into your dreams, and what you truly want out of a home.

Along with our personal expertise, we have access to detailed neighborhood demographics through the company we work with, The Cutting Edge Realtors, which will include things likes education levels, income breakdowns, schools in the area, and places of worship—as well as other relevant area information. If you have a question about an area, we will have the answers! It’s that simple.

You will have access to listings on Zillow,,, and Trulia, and we will also provide additional ways you can find your perfect home through massive lead generation. Whatever your dream home is like, we can help find it with our vast resources in the area.

Mortgage Loans

Have you already been pre-approved for a home loan? Do you know what you qualify for? Already being pre-approved will increase your buying power with the seller when we place an offer on the home that you really want!  If you have any questions about the process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions.